Friday, September 24, 2010

Tent Camping Tips

Many people would like to go for vacations in a serene and secluded spots. The spots can be beaches, hill stations, adventurous forest region or calm and quite valleys beneath a lake. In most of these renowned tourist destinations camping facilities will be available. There can be nice luxurious resorts or forest huts or good camps. But camping in a tent is the most exciting experience one can get, and especially with family or friends. It will be an unforgettable vacation for all who spent nights in tents with viewing the nature's gift all around and in the lap of Mother Earth. The satisfaction and enjoyment derived out of such camping is beyond words. It is a fun merged with relaxing moments. But it is very important to know how can you set up a tent for camping? What precautions you need to take while camping in a tent. This article will deal with some of the important Tent camping tips. These tips will help you to ensure a comfortable and memorable camping in a tent.

o Before the trip itself, make sure that you are carrying with you all necessary camping materials including the tarp for tent. Check thoroughly the tarp for any defects like leaking points, loose stitching and many such spoiled portions of the tarp. Tarp need to be leak proof.

o See that all other materials like poles, tarp fixing materials and pole fixing equipments are taken.

o Make sure that you use tarp which is rain proof. This simply tells that you can use a rainfly which will cover full tent, including the top and sides. It will have provision for ventilations and openings. It will ensure the inside is 100% proof against rain. Always use a rainfly that provides full coverage of your tent.

o Use a good floor cover, covering entire area. It will assure you no wet or dirt inside the tent. It is better if you can make a plastic bottom with cloth made sheets in the top of this floor cover. Cloth cover can be taken as per the climate, in winter season woolen sheet and in summer cotton sheet can be used to cover the floor. This will ensure comfort of staying.

o As far as possible select a flat area for tent. Undulated regions will give many problems. If possible make the ground tidy by removing the dirt, bushes and insects. Level the camp area before setting up the tent. Also clean the surroundings as much as possible.

o Do not select the camping place near stagnant water ponds. These ponds will be the haven of mosquitoes and you will not able to spent comfortably there.

o Make sure that the tarp is anchored very strongly to the poles. Poles need to placed by reinforcing with rubbles and mud. Also make sure that all cross wires and threads are properly fixed before the first night.

o Put some borne fire outside the tent in night. This will keep off animals and insects reaching the tent.

These are some simple but important tips which will help you in making good tent for a comfortable camping.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tips For Buying Outdoor Camping Supplies

Learn About Brands for Durable Camping Equipment

When you are buying equipment for camping, you want something that is going to stand up to wear and tear over the years. You want all your supplies to last for a long time not just through a few uses. Luckily it is not that hard to find quality equipment to enjoy your camping experience with. Several brands turn out top quality goods. The Coleman brand has been well known since the early 1900s when it first started. Back then it was all about gas lanterns.

The Coleman Company turns out high-quality tents of various sizes, lanterns, camp stoves, and more. Their merchandise does stand up year after year. This brand is also reasonably priced so it is easily affordable by all camping enthusiasts.

REI has been in business since 1938 and today it turns out excellent camping gear. From tents to sleeping bags REI offer you the camper quality. The online store alone offers various choices of gear for you to check out. The company also puts many dollars into conserving the great outdoors do you can continue to enjoy them for years to come.

Kelty is another reliable name in gear to enjoy the outdoors with. It has been in business since 1952 when Dick Kelty began it. Prior to opening Kelty and Dick had made some packs for his friends in the garage at his house. Now the company sells everything from backpacks to tents to child carriers for backpacking.

These are just some of the top names. So you can see how easy it will be to find quality merchandise to help you in your camping efforts. With good durable equipment camping is so much more fun. This is what camping is all about after all, is it not? Fun in the wide-open space of the outdoors.

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